Handmade Custom Wood Products​

Larry Reffitt

With a Masters in Music from Ball State University in Indiana, Larry taught for over 15 years from California to Indiana. Larry landed in Colorado working for a national retail furniture company for just over 10 years - becoming one of the top sales associates for the company. 

Larry retired to take care of his Mother where they both now reside in Ridgedale, Missouri.

Paul Reffitt

Starting his career in construction in the

70's, Paul got side tracked by the local

police department in Indiana. One thing led

to another and before he knew it, he was a detective for the Thornton Police Department in Denver Colorado.

After 30 years in law enforcement, he retired to Ridgedale, Missouri where he can focus on his first love - construction.

Paul & larry reffitt

From Fixing it Up to Building it Out


Starting a small construction business "The Fix It Guys" in Colorado in 2006 focusing on Decks, cabinets and tile work, Brothers Paul & Larry Reffitt retired and moved to Ridgedale, Missouri. Itching for more challenges, the brothers launched a furniture line called Ridgedale Rustics in August 2010.